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Libraries, Community Centers and Schools


Bring the awesomeness of clear night skies to your groups any time of day and regardless of the weather! 

The Planetarium skies can come to your school, library or community center via my portable planetarium dome system. 

Programs can be designed to meet specific educational and group needs and may include locating the season's constellations and hearing the science and stories of several cultures surrounding the star groups, visiting the planets and some moons and dwarf planets (including everyone's favorite, Pluto!), and learning interesting facts about how our skies are studied by astronomers.  

Site Requirements for a Visit:

  • quiet, indoor room

  • clean, swept floor

  • minimum floor space:  approximately 20 feet by 20 feet

  • minimum ceiling height: 11 ft with no obstructions (light fixtures, etc.)

  • 2 grounded 120-volt standard electrical outlets

  • air conditioning (June-September, as needed)

*please note that pricing does not include 6% VT tax​, if applicable*

Outreach to schools, libraries, community centers, etc.

$250 first class (~50 min)) 

$100 each additional class on the same day (max 5 classes per day)

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