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Boy  Scouts

Many of the requirements for the Boy Scout Astronomy Merit Badge can be completed in the portable planetarium dome.  

**Explain what light pollution is and how it and air pollution affect astronomy.

**Identify in the sky at least 10 constellations, at least four of which are in the zodiac.
**Identify at least eight conspicuous stars, five of which are of magnitude 1 or brighter.
**Learn about the Big Dipper.
**Explain what we see when we look at the Milky Way.

**Learn the names of the five most visible planets. 
**Describe the motion of the planets across the sky.
**Observe planets up close.

**Observe the moon and the sun up close and learn about each.

Girl Scouts

Daisies, Brownies and Juniors can meet the requirements to earn their Space Science Badges with specialized programming in the dome.

Daisies explore and observe the sky like real space scientists.
**Explore the sun.
**Observe the moon.
**Meet the stars.

Brownies investigate the complexities of the sky as they learn to see things in a new way.
**learn about our neighboring planets--up close.

**Investigate the moon.
**Be a stargazer.


Juniors venture through the Solar System.
**Explore the Solar System
**Learn about the sun.
**Discover the stars.

*please note that pricing does not include 6% VT tax​, if applicable*

50 minute on site programs in Williston, VT-- ​$25 for ages 6-12 (must attend with one adult per group) $45 ages 12 to adult

Please inquire about pricing for groups of 6 or more (up to 15 guests)

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