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***The Great American Eclipse of  2024  A total solar eclipse is coming to Vermont on April 8, 2024! The northern half of Vermont will experience a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024! Be prepared to see the greatest sight nature offers with this interactive presentation showing how the eclipse works! (additional activities can be recommended for classroom use) 


**Seasonal Current Night Sky Series  (10% discount if 3 or more seasons are booked)

     Watch the sun set and the day turn into night to view the evening sky.  Learn about the science and stories of objects visible from        our place in space.

  1. Winter Sky--  Winter skies are the crispest, making them exceptionally beautiful for nighttime viewing.  During this season’s program, we focus on navigating easily from one constellation to another so that guests can go outside and stargaze with confidence.

  2. Spring Sky—In the spring, we look at the newly visible constellations gracing our sky along with the ones that are visible year-round.  Why is it that some constellations come and go from view and others stick around? We also examine the colors of stars and talk about what they mean.

  3. Summer Sky— Nights are often hazy during the summer, so stargazing inside the dome is a good way to become familiar with the sky. In addition to hearing stories relating to the summer constellations in the Milky Way band, we discuss asterisms and the relevance of the zodiac constellations.

  4. Autumn Sky—As the days begin to grow shorter and the nights grow longer, many changes take place in our natural environment.  In addition to enjoying the stories and science of the autumn constellations, we talk about how people use the changing sky as a signal to get ready for the winter

**Our Solar System--Moving through space, we take a tour of our solar system, visiting planets, dwarf planets and moons. We learn about current space exploration and plans for future missions in the human quest for knowledge.  Our tour will include interesting facts about each of the objects we visit.


**Native American Stories and Legends--Hear sky stories from several First Nations and learn how these tales intertwine with science and the world around us.

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